“Israeli” forces declare Jenin “closed military zone”

The Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) declared Jenin Refugee Camp as a “closed military zone” – according to Palestinian sources.

The IOF also raided several towns and villages in the occupied West Bank and stormed a number of homes.

Sources added that “Israeli” forces attacked medical teams and ambulance vehicles, carried out extensive bulldozing of infrastructure and citizens’ property on Nablus and Haifa streets, and around an UNRWA school in the camp, the Jabariyat and Zahra neighborhoods, Jalbouni roundabout, Wadi Burqin, and the vegetable market on Abu Bakr Street.

This led to power outages in several neighborhoods, the destruction of the martyrs’ monument, and the storming of the Turkish mosque in Jabariyat.

A motorcycle was also targeted with a drone in the Jabariyat neighborhood and arrested two young men.

A tight siege was imposed on the Jenin camp, preventing residents from entering or leaving.

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