Israeli Occupation’s aggression in Gaza reaches 248th day

Israeli Occupation’s aggression against the Gaza Strip has reached its 248th day, marked by an intensification of bombings across the region.

The bombings have resulted in numerous casualties, including martyrs and injured individuals, following massacres in the Nuseirat camp. So far, 274 Palestinians have been killed in recent days in Nuseirat camp, and 698 have been wounded.

– United States and Security Council Involvement –

On the political front, the United States has circulated a revised draft resolution for the second time in the Security Council, focusing on a new ceasefire proposal for Gaza. This proposal underscores the importance of both sides adhering to its terms once agreed upon.

The revised US resolution acknowledges the ceasefire announced on May 31 and urges its immediate and unconditional implementation by both parties.

The resolution opposes any attempts to alter the demographics or territory of the Gaza Strip.

Additionally, the draft resolution appreciates the willingness of the United States, Egypt, and Qatar to ensure ongoing negotiations until all agreements are achieved.

– Disruptions within Netanyahu’s Government –

On Sunday, Minister Benny Gantz announced his resignation from the Israeli Occupation war government after previously threatening to withdraw due to the lack of a post-war strategy for Gaza.

In a televised speech, Gantz expressed regret over leaving the unity government.

He endorsed a proposal by US President Joe Biden, urging the occupation prime minister to support its success.

Gantz appealed to party leaders to support him in holding elections to form a Zionist national unity government.

Addressing the families of captives, Gantz acknowledged their failure to secure their children’s return and emphasized the need to pursue the proposed deal to achieve this goal.

He criticized political considerations within Netanyahu’s government for hindering strategic decisions related to the Gaza war.

Gantz reaffirmed continued support for the military and security services and stressed the necessity of making progress on the northern front.

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