Aggression on Gaza enters 186th day

Amidst ongoing turmoil and as the Arab and Islamic world prepares for Eid al-Fitr, the Israeli Occupation’s aggression against the Gaza Strip persists for the 186th consecutive day.

The region is witnessing an escalation in violence due to airstrikes, continual bombings, and a method of starvation targeting civilians, exacerbating the suffering of Gaza’s residents.

Despite numerous international warnings against invading Rafah, in southern Gaza, which is densely populated with over a million displaced Palestinians, the occupation remains intent on launching a military operation in the border city.

Israeli Occupation Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced plans for an attack on Rafah, without specifying a date, stressing the need to defeat Hamas by entering Rafah and eliminating their presence.

While the United States expressed opposition to any large-scale operation in Rafah, according to AFP, Washington communicated concerns to Tel Aviv about the potential impact on civilians.

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