One in four people in Jordan struggles with mental disorders

According to the Association of Psychiatrists in the Jordan Medical Association (JMA), an estimated 2.5 million Jordanians have experienced or will experience some form of mental disorder.

Additionally, nearly 20 percent of Jordanians struggle with depression and anxiety, and experts predict these figures will continue to rise.

Despite these figures, the National Center Hospital For Mental Health has seen only a limited number of visitors, totaling approximately 23,000 people, the JMA noted.

Psychiatry and addiction specialist Ashraf al-Salihi expressed concern over the high prevalence of mental disorders, stating that one out of every four people in Jordan is affected.

He attributed this to the fear and stigma associated with seeking help from psychiatrists, which becomes a significant challenge in addressing mental health issues, Salihi added.

The Ministry of Health has established 56 psychiatric clinics across Jordan, alongside the National Center Hospital For Mental Health.

However, health insurance coverage for mental illness is limited, except for certain international companies, he pointed out.

Currently, 80 percent of patients visiting psychiatric clinics in Jordan suffer from anxiety, tension, fear, and worries about the future.

Salihi expects depression to rise due to the reluctance to seek help, lack of awareness, and misconceptions about mental illness.

He said that the most vulnerable age group is between the early twenties to mid-thirties.

The situation calls for raising awareness, improving access to mental health services, and destigmatization to address the growing mental health challenges in Jordan.

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