Royal Decree calls on National Assembly to meet in extraordinary session

A royal decree was issued Tuesday inviting the National Assembly to meet in an extraordinary session starting Sunday (July 16) in order to approve the following draft laws:

1- Draft law on partnership projects between the public and private sectors for the year 2023

2- Draft law amending the Real Estate Property Law for the year 2023

3- Draft of cybercrime law for the year 2023

4- Draft law amending the Traffic Law for the year 2023

5- Draft law amending the Companies Law for the year 2022

6- Draft law abolishing the law ratifying the production-sharing agreement for oil exploration and evaluation of its discovery, development, and production between the Natural Resources Authority in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and Ammonite Energy International Inc. in the Jafr region and central Jordan for the year 2017

7- Draft law amending the law for the formation of Sharia courts for the year 2023

8- Draft of Personal Data Protection Law for the year 2022

The royal decree involves taking the constitutional oath stipulated in Article (80) of the constitution to fill the vacant Muslim seat for the third constituency in Irbid.

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