Requirements for family pension entitlement explained

Social insurance expert Musa Al-Subaihi affirmed that the family of a journalist who recently passed away from sudden natural causes should receive a retirement pension based on his prior contributions to social security.

In a detailed Facebook post on Wednesday, Sabaihi disclosed that the journalist had accumulated a total of 144 contributions to the social security system.

Despite his inactivity shortly before his death, the period between his last contribution and his passing was less than five years or fewer than 60 months. This timeframe qualifies his family to receive the pension entitlement.

The pension will be divided among the widow and the children, according to Sabaihi, with the widow entitled to half of the pension and each child receiving a quarter.

Emphasizing the procedural steps, Sabaihi underscored that eligible heirs must apply to finalize their entitlements.

Moreover, they are required to commit to paying contributions for old age, disability, and death insurance, calculated at 17.5 percent of the deceased’s final retirement salary.

Furthermore, Al-Sabaihi clarified that the family can apply for the pension allocation starting from the month they submit their application. However, this is contingent upon their compliance with the contribution payments due on this pension.

These payments are calculated beginning from the month following the cessation of contributions until the end of the month in which the deceased journalist passed away.

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