Jordan calls for urgent international action on Gaza humanitarian crisis

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Ayman Al-Safadi expressed deep concern over the worsening humanitarian conditions in Gaza, emphasizing that the situation there has reached the level of a humanitarian disaster.

During a joint press conference with Philippe Lazzarini, the Commissioner-General of UNRWA, held at the ministry’s headquarters on Tuesday, Safadi highlighted the diminished capacity of international organizations to provide aid, complicating efforts to meet the needs of Gaza’s affected residents.

Safadi underscored the urgent necessity for the international community to take a firm stance compelling Israeli Occupation to facilitate humanitarian aid entry into Gaza, stressing the critical need to alleviate the severe humanitarian crisis gripping the population.

He also noted the significant challenges facing UNRWA due to financial constraints, emphasizing the importance of supporting the agency to fulfill its humanitarian mandate under the UN, with Jordan fully backing UNRWA’s vital role in delivering essential services to Palestinians amidst challenging circumstances.

Regarding UNRWA, Safadi reiterated that its role is irreplaceable and its significance cannot be understated, serving as a fundamental pillar in providing necessary humanitarian services to Palestinians. He reaffirmed Jordan’s steadfast commitment to supporting and standing by UNRWA under all circumstances.

In his remarks, Lazzarini lamented the dire situation in Gaza, highlighting staggering statistics such as 17,000 children left orphaned and the tragic daily toll of 10 children losing limbs in the territory.

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