Weather advisory issued

Jordan is experiencing a significant rise in temperatures today, with temperatures expected to be 8-9 degrees Celsius above the seasonal average due to a heatwave caused by a very hot and dry air mass from the Arabian Peninsula, according to the Jordan Meteorological Department.

The weather will be dry and hot over the high mountainous areas and extremely hot in other regions, with some medium-altitude clouds appearing in eastern Jordan. Winds will be moderate northeasterly, becoming northwesterly in the evening.

The Department has warned of the dangers of direct sun exposure and dehydration, the impact of high temperatures on the health of patients and the elderly, and the risk of wildfires in forested areas. It also cautioned against leaving children in closed vehicles, even for short periods, and advised against leaving perfumes, sanitizers, and other flammable materials inside vehicles.

ArabiaWeather also reported that Jordan will be affected by a heatwave on Thursday, noting that the development of a heat dome over northern Africa is causing a significant rise in temperatures across various regions of the kingdom.

Temperatures in the Jordan Valley are expected to rise significantly, potentially nearing 50 degrees Celsius, especially over the weekend.

Both sources advised avoiding prolonged and direct exposure to sunlight to prevent heatstroke and recommended drinking plenty of fluids and water.

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