KyoGreen, a Trailblazer of Kyoto Network, Distinguished Globally at Qatar Financial Expo 2024

LONDON, 15th February 2024 – In a momentous event at the Qatar Financial Expo 2024 held in Doha on 5-6th February 2024, KyoGreen, the innovative arm of Kyoto Network led by visionary founder and CEO Sheraz Malik, has been lauded with a prestigious global accolade. They picked up the award for Global Excellence and Innovation 2024, beating out a host of other companies to win. This honour not only celebrates KyoGreen as a pioneer in environmental leadership and sustainable business models but also aligns with Kyoto Network’s mission to forge a sustainable future.

Sheraz Malik, the driving force behind Kyoto Network, expressed his gratitude, “This global recognition at the Qatar Financial Expo is a testament to our team’s relentless dedication and hard work. It’s a reflection of our collective effort to make a significant impact on sustainability practices worldwide.”

Amro Zakaria, the Middle East & Africa Director for Kyoto Network, pointed out the critical nature of sustainability, stating, “Achieving carbon neutrality is no longer optional but a crucial component of any future-proof business strategy. It’s about building resilience and staying relevant in a world where sustainability is at the forefront.”

“This award is a powerful affirmation of our commitment to leading the charge in sustainable innovation,” Malik added. “At KyoGreen, we are motivated by the belief that every action counts towards shaping a more sustainable, greener future.”

Suhair Alashqar, CEO of AFAQ Group, organizer of the Qatar Financial Expo, the Innovation Digital Economy Summit, and the Jordan Economic Forum commented “We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Kyoto Network for their groundbreaking achievement in sustainability with their innovative carbon footprint and offsetting dashboard, KyoGreen. Their commitment to environmental stewardship sets a remarkable example for the industry and inspires us all to strive for a greener, more sustainable future.”

KyoGreen’s award-winning platform allows both individuals and enterprises to seamlessly gauge their carbon footprint, invest in carbon offsets, and foster a harmonious relationship with the environment. With its cutting-edge solutions and intuitive design, KyoGreen equips its users with the means to make impactful decisions and engage in actions that promote environmental conservation.

As KyoGreen is determined to spearhead the movement towards environmental sustainability, it extends an open invitation to individuals and companies alike to join in this crucial endeavour to combat climate change.

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