Authorities neutralize wanted terrorists in southeastern border operation

In a recent operation near the southeastern border of Jordan, a specialized security force targeted three individuals involved in terrorism-related cases. Among them was a prominent figure within the Husseiniya terrorist cell, involved in the murder of Colonel Abd al-Razzaq al-Dalabeh and the brother of one of the escaped inmates from a reform and rehabilitation center. The operation resulted in the death of all three suspects.

The operation followed extensive efforts by dedicated investigation and surveillance teams, who worked tirelessly for consecutive days to locate the wanted individuals and the fugitives. The suspects were found to be armed and utilizing a vehicle to navigate the desert regions in the southeast of the Kingdom.

Facing challenging terrain, the security forces conducted thorough searches on foot. After locating the suspects, they engaged with them when the suspects opened fire. No casualties were reported among the security forces.

The identities of the three wanted individuals were confirmed through technical and laboratory examinations, and their bodies were presented to their families for identification.

The investigation committee, responsible for probing the escape of two inmates from a reform and rehabilitation center, continues its efforts to hold accountable anyone found responsible for the incident.

This successful operation highlights Jordan’s commitment to combating terrorism and ensuring the safety and security of its citizens. The ongoing investigation reflects the dedication to thorough scrutiny and accountability.

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