Sunny weather forecast Tuesday, with anticipated Khamasini conditions

 Temperature recordings on Tuesday are projected to hover around the seasonal average, leading to sunny and moderately warm weather in the mountainous regions and plains. However, relatively hot conditions will prevail in the Badia, Jordan Valley, Dead Sea, and Aqaba.

According to the Jordan Meteorological Department (JMD), Wednesday will witness similar weather patterns. However, Thursday will bring the influence of a dry and relatively hot air mass, resulting in a substantial increase in temperatures. These elevated temperatures are expected to exceed the average for this time of year by approximately 3-4 degrees.

Consequently, the weather will be relatively hot in the mountainous areas and plains, while the remaining regions will experience hot conditions. Additionally, medium and high-level clouds will gradually emerge, accompanied by moderate winds blowing from the southeast.

During the afternoon, the kingdom will be impacted by the extension of a khamasini depression, leading to a gradual transformation of the weather into dusty conditions. The winds will shift to the southwest and become moderate, occasionally picking up.

Unstable weather will persist into Friday, distinguished by dusty and hot conditions with varying levels of clouds. Scattered rainfall is anticipated in different parts of the kingdom, occasionally accompanied by thunderstorms during the evening and nighttime hours. The winds will be moderate, originating from the southeast and shifting to the northwest in the evening.

Today’s peak temperatures will be between 30 and 28 degrees Celsius in Amman and various highlands throughout the Kingdom, with lows of 18 or even 16 degrees in the southern highlands at night. The Gulf city of Aqaba will have warmer weather, with highs of 38C and lows of 24C.

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