Lebanese threatens bank with gasoline to retrieve deposit

A man in Lebanon entered a bank with the purpose of withdrawing his deposit, carrying four containers of gasoline, according to Roya’s reporter.

Accompanied by his 13-year-old son, the Lebanese citizen proceeded to pour the gasoline on the bank floor, issuing a threat to ignite it unless his deposit, amounting to $15,000 USD, was handed over to him.

Consequently, the bank took appropriate measures and decided to comply with the man’s demand by giving him his deposit.

Reuters reported back in March that the banking issue in Lebanon has reached a critical point, as the head of the Banking Association stated that the country’s banks are facing a complete lack of liquidity.

This crisis, which erupted in 2019, has been exacerbated by the political deadlock, delaying crucial reforms needed to address the economic challenges. As a result, Lebanon’s financial institutions have been struggling to meet the demands of their customers, and the absence of a comprehensive financial law has further complicated the situation.

The current state of affairs continues to pose significant hardships for the people and the country’s financial stability.

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