Beirut narrowly avoids catastrophe as generator fire erupts

A potential disaster was narrowly averted in Beirut, Lebanon, as an electric generator caught fire in the Zuqaq al-Blat area on Tuesday, causing flames and thick smoke to intensify. Eyewitnesses reported that the fire quickly spread to parked vehicles on the street, leading to panic and fear among local residents.

The Lebanese Civil Defense later announced on Facebook that they successfully extinguished the fire, which had affected the electricity generator, two diesel tanks, six cars, three houses, and a commercial store. Images and videos depicting the extent of the damage caused by the fire quickly circulated on social media.

Following the incident, Lebanese representative Najat Aoun Saliba expressed her concerns on Twitter, highlighting the dangers posed by live generators. She criticized the lack of regulation and accountability, pointing out the Ministry of Energy’s apparent inaction despite numerous complaints. Saliba also acknowledged the heroic efforts of the civil defense and firefighting teams, while lamenting the ongoing challenges faced by the country, including the failure to elect a president

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