What will weather be like next week

Weather forecasts indicate the approach of a hot air mass towards the region by the middle of next week. It is expected to impact the Kingdom starting from Tuesday, with its effects intensifying towards the end of the week – according to ArabiaWeather.

According to the latest meteorological data, high temperatures are expected to affect various regions of the Kingdom, especially the low-lying areas, including the Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea, and Aqaba. Temperatures in these areas are expected to approach 40 degrees Celsius.

As for the capital, Amman, it is expected to be within the influence of the hot air mass, with a noticeable rise in temperatures, especially towards the end of next week. The weather is expected to become hot in most neighborhoods of Amman, especially the eastern ones, with temperatures expected to reach the mid-thirties Celsius, which is around 10 degrees Celsius higher than the general averages for this time of year.

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