Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Ayman Safadi said on Tuesday that Jordan perseveres to block Israel’s annexation of swathes of the occupied West Bank and find a “real horizon” for a just and comprehensive peace according to the two-state solution.

He said in press remarks after attending two meetings on measures to stop the annexation scheme that the Kingdom, in coordination with Arab brothers and friends in the world, is in a daily engagement to translate into effective action the international position rejecting the annexation and the return to serious and effective negotiations to achieve comprehensive peace based on the international law and the accredited references and the two-state solution.

Safadi said that in one of the meetings, Arab foreign ministers reiterated their position that the annexation is a gross violation of international law, and warned that it would imperil prospects for achieving a just and comprehensive peace.

He said that the ministers pledged action to disrupt the Israeli decision and uphold the fundamental position that was underscored by the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative that the path to peace is withdrawal from the Arab lands that have been occupied since 1967 and fulfilling the two-state solution under which an independent, free, sovereign and viable Palestinian state will be established along the lines of June, 1967 with occupied East Jerusalem as its capital and living in peace and security beside Israel.

Today’s meeting was a reiteration of the unified Arab position that rejects annexation and upholds just and comprehensive peace based on a two-state solution, international legitimacy decisions and the Arab Peace Initiative, he said.

On his other meeting with his counterparts from Egypt, France and Germany, the Foreign Minister said that the officials issued a statement that underlined the growing international rejection of the annexation, warned against its dangers and stressed achieving peace according to the two-state solution.

“That was part of an ongoing effort, and we are now talking with the brothers and friends about the next steps,” he said, adding that the priority is to block the annexation scheme, whose implementation will have ramifications not only on Jordanian-Israeli relations, but on peace efforts as it undermines all the foundations of the peace process.

He also said coordination with the Palestinians is ongoing to find a “real horizon” for progress toward just peace and a return to negotiations, either bilateral talks or through the international Mideast Quartet (mediation), or any other mechanism to break the deadlock and move in the direction of real peace.