completion events of Jordan Economic Forum (23)

Afaq News – The events of Jordan Economic Forum (23) were concluded in the capital, Amman, which was organized by AFAQ Group, Media and Conferences and Exhibitions, under the auspices of the Minister of Industry, Trade and Supply, and the Minister of Labour, Yousef Al-Shamali, in cooperation with a large number of relevant institutions and in the presence of an elite group of experts and specialists from outside and inside Jordan.

The two days Forum, entitled “Innovations in E-Commerce” addressed the issues concerning e-commerce and its future. The related laws and legislation in light of digital development and electronic payment, in addition to the relationship between entrepreneurial projects and e-commerce, and its contribution to reducing poverty and unemployment. The proposed mechanisms to ensure the success of e-commerce and keep pace with global development in this field.

During the sessions of the Forum, a group of distinguished and well-known economists participated and lectured, including HE Dr. Tariq Hammouri, former Minister of Industry, Trade and Supply, Dr. Noah Al-Shayyab, Commissioner/ Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, Ms. Dana Al-Zoubi, Secretary General of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Mr. Tariq Hijazi, Director General of the Jordanian Businessmen Association, Ms. Doha Abdelkhaleq, Executive Partner and Founder (ESKADENIA Software), Mrs. Rana Al-Husseini, General Manager of Utopia Training & IT  Solutions, Dr. Mohamed Jaradat, CEO of the Finance Department at Noor Al Mal, Mr. Amr Abdo, CEO of Madarek, Mr. Ramzi Al-Rihani, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Digital Image Group, and others.

For his part, the Director General of AFAQ Group Media, Dr. Khaldoun Naseer, said that the group is keen to provide solutions to promote economic development by discussing obstacles facing the digital economy, according to the latest global practices and preparing working papers applicable to the local economy by international experts, which established the Forum among the most anticipated economic forums in the region every year.

It is noteworthy that the Forum was attended by a large group of attendees, local, Arab and international companies and institutions, with wide participation from various economic sectors, banks, finance companies, financial technology and IT companies, and an elite group of international economic companies.

The Economic Expert, Mr. Amr Abdo, CEO of Madarek, said, “First of all, I thank Afaq Group for this Forum, which has a very important title, and that such forums and this wonderful organization attract international companies to Jordan to open branches and centers for them, thus contributing significantly to the problem of unemployment, and supporting the Jordan’s economy.

Afaq Group, as usual, took the initiative in everything related to technological progress around the world, for organizing this important Forum in Jordan, so that Jordan will be the first country to present this Forum to benefit all those concerned in the private and public financial sectors, banking institutions, information technology and cybersecurity.

The Forum led to several recommendations, most notably working to modernize the digital infrastructure for e-commerce, improve the enabling environment for e-commerce and achieve fair competition with traditional commerce. The need to develop legislation and regulations related to e-commerce in Jordan, and to ensure that they comply with international standards and practices, so that they are transparent, enforceable and protect the rights of consumers and traders alike. The need for equality in dealing between goods and commodities received into the Kingdom by means of traditional trade and postal parcels, whether through examination, clearance, inspection, valuation, and standardization of duties and taxes. E-commerce and traditional commerce shall be coordinated, and sessions shall be held to enable traders to practice e-commerce, empower traditional merchants, support their presence through electronic platforms, and improve the online shopping experience.






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