Brian Hook, the American envoy in charge of the Iranian file, stressed that his country’s commitment to the security of the Gulf allies has not changed at all

Hook’s statement came in an interview with the CNBC network, amid expectations that the position of American forces in the region will shift after Washington’s decision to withdraw the Patriot missile batteries and its soldiers from Saudi Arabia.

The US envoy said that Washington’s decision to withdraw the batteries of “Patriot” missiles and their soldiers from Saudi Arabia “does not mean that Iran is no longer a threat. The percentage of our forces is increasing and decreasing according to circumstances, but our tasks are constant, and they have not changed at all.”

“We stand with our partners and allies in the region, and we are doing everything we can to protect American interests. President Donald Trump has regained a reliable military shield in self-defense,” he added.

Hook noted that Washington has concluded a number of arms deals with Saudi Arabia, “and we will continue to support its security.”

He said, “Saudi Arabia enjoys great support from countries around the world, including the United States, France, and other countries that did what they could after the attack that targeted Saudi Aramco’s largest oil refining facility.”

US officials accuse Iran of being behind the attacks targeting “Aramco,” and Saudi Arabian officials in the Arab Alliance said that the initial detection of parts of the missile wreck indicates that it was Iranian-made.

For its part, Iran has denied US accusations of responsibility for the attacks.