On Thursday, the United States of America recorded over 2,400 people who died from the Corona virus within 24 hours, exceeding the total death toll of 75,500 deaths.

According to data published by the Johns Hopkins University, which is a reference for tracking virus infections and deaths, Corona, in the United States as of Friday, has claimed the lives of 75,543 people, including 2448 within 24 hours.

The total number of people infected with the epidemic in this country increased to 1254,750 people, as 27,300 new cases were recorded within 24 hours, and about 195,000 recovered.

The number of laboratory tests conducted in America to detect people infected with the virus, about 81 million.

After Monday’s daily death toll fell to 1015, the lowest level ever in a month, the toll in the past three days has returned to exceed two thousand deaths per day, a “plateau” the country is struggling to disembark from.

But despite these high numbers, the White House has been relentlessly stressing for days that economic activity in the country must be resumed.

On Thursday, US President Donald Trump considered that “America is waging a fierce battle against a terrible disease.”