Municipalities declare state of emergency due to weather conditions

Several municipalities, along with the Greater Amman Municipality (GAM), declared a state of emergency to deal with the expected weather conditions Sunday and Monday.

The Greater Jerash Municipality announced a medium state of emergency at its main emergency center and the emergency rooms of the supporting areas starting Sunday morning.

The Mayor of Greater Jerash, Ahmad Hashem Al-Otoum, emphasized the need for emergency rooms in the areas to immediately handle any emergencies that may accompany the weather conditions and to report developments to the main emergency room in real time.

Al-Otoum added in a statement that the municipality worked to enhance the readiness of vehicles, equipment, emergency teams, and maintenance supplies for emergency situations.

Additionally, six rainwater drainage lines were implemented in areas that were most affected and prone to closures due to their geographical nature.

In a related context, the Mayor of Greater Ma’an Municipality, Yasin Salah, urged citizens to take caution and adhere to safety rules during the rainy weather, staying away from valleys and low-lying areas were flods could form.

The municipality announced the activation of the winter emergency operations room from Sunday morning until Monday evening.

Notably, the Ministry of Local Administration designated emergency numbers at its center in Amman to receive observations from all parts of the kingdom at the following phone numbers:

  • 06-4641393
  • 06-4622372
  • 06-4631987
  • Fax: 06-4652269
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