Authorities offer earthquake preparedness tips as Jordan launches ‘Safety Path 3’ drill

In preparation for the two-day earthquake drill named “Safety Path 3,” Jordan’s Public Security Directorate (PSD) has released a set of guidelines for individuals to follow before, during, and after an earthquake.

Before an Earthquake:

  • Ensure the secure connections of electricity and gas.
  • Store movable items on lower shelves inside the house.
  • Keep essential emergency contact numbers readily available.

During an Earthquake:

  • Stay calm and avoid panic.
  • Turn off energy sources, including electricity and gas.
  • Seek shelter near the corners of the building.
  • Be prepared to relocate to safer areas.

After an Earthquake:

  • Do not impede the evacuation process for the injured; leave it to the relevant authorities.
  • Keep a distance from structures that may have been affected by the earthquake.
  • Avoid gathering near residential areas and opt for open spaces.
  • Remain vigilant for potential aftershocks.
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