The winners companies of the Financial Innovation Awards had been announced ( JFI Award )


Afaq News – The organizing committee announced the winners of the 23rd Annual Jordan Financial Innovation Awards (JFI Awards 2023) on the sidelines of the Jordan Financial Expo for Finance and Investment (2023), which was organized by the Afaq Group with the participation of Arab and foreign companies working in financial and Banking Investments, Portfolio Management and Foreign Currencies.

Since 2007, the award has been awarded to major financial companies in the Middle East, which has become the focus of attention of financial companies due to its importance, as it is one of the most important regional awards granted in this field.

The Jordan Financial Innovation Awards (JFI Awards) aim to celebrate everything that is pioneering and innovative within brands, financial technology, banking services and the financial sector.

According to a press release issued by the organizing committee, (Exness), International Company, won the award of “Best of the year “, (Xs) won the award “Best Multi-Asset Broker”, (ATFX) won the award of “Most Transparent Broker”, (Nour Al Mal) won the award of “Most Trusted Broker” and the (Jordan Kuwait Bank) won the award of “Innovation in Banking Services”.

(Aoun Islamic Finance) won the award of “Best Personal Finance Product”, (AvaTrade) won the award of “Best Partnership Program”, (Ajyad) won the award of “Best Execution Broker”, (JMI) won the award of “Best Customer Service”, and (Game Changers) won the award of “Best Social Platform for Trading Education” and (Alpari) won the award of “Best Electronic Communication Networking Network”.

Wahid Nazzal, Senior Client Manager at (Exness): “We were honored to be awarded the “Best Broker for 2023”. We always focus our presence in Jordan and the Middle East for its great importance, to provide the best to our clients”.

Hashem Raja, Business Development Manager at (AvaTrade): “We are pleased to be awarded the “Best Partnership Program”. We are proud to be part of this cooperation with Afaq Group, which we are proud to be partner with.”

Dania Al-Asfar (Ajyad): This year we won the award of “Best Execution Broker”. Every year we see development in all aspects of valuable matters and a distinguished level of organization. This year’s conference was distinguished by the level of attendance of the youth category and we are interested in spreading awareness on trading for this category.



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