Netanyahu calls for eradicating idea of establishing Palestinian state

The Prime Minister of the Israeli Occupation government Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday that work must be done to eradicate the idea of establishing a Palestinian state.

He wants to put an end to Palestinian aspirations to establish a state of their own, adding that Tel Aviv is preparing for what is to come after the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

Netanyahu said that the Israeli Occupation needs the Palestinian Authority and will not allow it to collapse, expressing his willingness to help the Palestinian Authority ‘economically.’

Notancy the Israeli Occupation government approved plans to expand settlements in the West Bank early last week.

-Palestinian Authority responds-

The official spokesperson for the Palestinian Presidency Nabil Abu Rudeineh said that the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital is the only solution to achieve security and stability.

He stressed that the Palestinian state exists and is recognized by more than 140 countries, and it only needs the end of the Israeli occupation to embody its independence.

He added that the occupation is ‘delusional’ if it thinks that it can perpetuate its occupation by continuing the aggression against the Palestinian people and escalating its policies that involves killing Palestinian, establishing settlements, and stealing land, among other things.

He pointed out that Netanyahu’s statements show the world the true intentions of the Israeli Occupation that reject international law.

He called on the international community, especially the US administration, to intervene and hold the Israeli Occupation accountable for its actions and words and force it to abide by international laws.

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