Drug smuggling attempts doubled in Jordan after Syrian crisis: expert

Drug smuggling from Syrian territory to Jordanian territory is not a new issue but has doubled after the Syrian crisis in 2011, according to Military and strategic expert Jalal Al-Abbadi Monday.

He told Roya Monday that narcotics are a global issue that threatens the well-being of young people all over the world, including Jordan.

Abbadi pointed out that approximately 15,000 drug-related cases were registered over the past two years, involving nearly 20,000 people.

Drug-related cases are increasing despite all the procedures and restrictions put in place by the Anti-Narcotics Department (AND) and the Jordanian Armed Forces (JAF), he noted.

He explained that the crime rate is ‘clearly increasing’ and most cases are due to narcotics.

Abbadi mentioned that smuggling operations are normally carried out using vehicles and individuals, but now smugglers are utilizing technology, such as drones, to transport narcotic substances across borders.

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