Corona and conspiracy theories!

By: Nooreddin Ahmed Hussein

 In light of the miserable and oppressive atmosphere imposed by the presence of the Corona epidemic on the life scene, for about eight billion people, living in more than 200 countries and territories, and what accompanied this stone of my house for a third of the human population, there is no doubt that speculation and ideas There are many and theories put forward about the existence of a conspiracy against the world from China or America jointly, but no one possesses the absolute proof to condemn either side.

This opinion was supported by what was reported by blogs and news through the media and via the Internet, from the story of the Wuhan Laboratory, and the story of the American battalion that allegedly spread this epidemic in the city, and from the bat story …. Etc.

And humanity about these contents is divided by a sincere, reprehensible and deceitful BIM, but the  desicion remains, the light of light and the emergence of truth, and the number of injuries and deaths resulting from corona continues to rise at an alarming rate, and reminds us that this crisis is not over.

In response, the global scientific community threw itself into the problem, and research began to unfold at an unprecedented rate.

It is worth noting here that the new virus was diagnosed, along with its natural origins in laboratory laboratories later, and its tests were quickly developed. Laboratories around the world are racing to develop a cure for the virus, which it is estimated will not appear until 12-18 months from now.

As I explained earlier, the spread of the epidemic was accompanied by another epidemic of nonsense, misinformation, half-truths and conspiracy theories, which spread like a virus through social networks, and this has affected society in a variety of ways.

For example, saying that Corona is less dangerous than the seasonal flu, which US President Donald Trump has promoted as a justification for delaying mitigation policies on American society.

A new conspiracy theory, which bears the fifth generation communication system, has emerged as responsible for spreading corona, starting with allegations that the fifth generation is changing people’s immune system, and changing the DNA of humans, making them more vulnerable to infection.

Even today, the world still lives between ebb and flow, in this pandemic, the numbers are on the rise, and more and more medicine is being revealed to medicine every day about the severity of this coronavirus and how strong it affects the human body.

And the countries that previously announced that they got rid of the virus, and among them an Arab country is Mauritania, the disease has returned to strike again, and this means even those who have announced their recovery from the epidemic have returned to them again, and all these reasons put humanity at a loss in the face of a dangerous virus and may Be managed!.