Emergency Arab Summit in Riyadh next month to discuss aggression on Gaza

The General Secretariat of the Arab League has confirmed receiving a request to hold an extraordinary session of the Arab League Council at the summit level to discuss the ongoing Israeli Occupation’s aggression against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip since Oct. 7.

The General Secretariat stated that it has received an official request from both Palestine and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to hold the summit, chaired by Saudi Arabia, the current session president (32), in the Saudi capital Riyadh on Nov. 11.

Assistant Secretary-General of the Arab League, Ambassador Hossam Zaki, noted that the General Secretariat has circulated the Palestinian and Saudi memoranda to the Arab member states.

Notably, the Arab League Council held a meeting at the level of Arab foreign ministers in an extraordinary session at the headquarters of the General Secretariat on Oct. 11.

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