Thousands march for Palestinians in UK, France, Switzerland

Tens of thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters marched in Britain Saturday calling for a ceasefire as the  Israeli Occupation’s army intensified its assault on the Gaza Strip.

Thousands more demonstrated in France and Switzerland.

As the Israeli Occupation’s intense strikes provided cover for its ground forces to step up fighting in Gaza, the United Nations (UN) warned thousands more civilians could die.

The Israeli Occupation unleashed its bombing campaign after Hamas launched Operation Aqsa Typhoon on Oct. 7.

Gaza’s Health Ministry said the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) strikes had since killed 7,703 people, mainly civilians, with more than 3,500 of them children.

It was the third consecutive weekend that London hosted a large rally in support of Palestinians.

The demonstrators gathered at a central point by the River Thames at midday, before making their way to the UK parliament in Westminster.

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