Jordanian Farmers Union confirms watermelons ‘safe for consumption’

Wednesday, the Director General of the Jordanian Farmers Union (JFU) Mahmoud Al-Oran said that Jordanian watermelons are safe for consumption and no complaints have been received.

He told Roya that watermelons are continuously monitored and inspected by the Ministry of Agriculture to ensure safety and quality.

He noted that there were a few ‘isolated cases’ that reported feeling unwell after consuming watermelon, but that ‘does not mean that watermelons are unsafe for consumption.’

He explained that they may have been exposed to viruses, as a result of the dusty weather conditions that Jordan was exposed to.

As for prices, he said the current increase came as a result of the damage caused to large quantities of watermelon farms due to torrential rains, noting that the current season’s prices are actually lower than last season’s prices.

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