75 years after Nakba: Palestinians still experience the catastrophe

Husam15 مايو 2023آخر تحديث :
75 years after Nakba: Palestinians still experience the catastrophe

oday, May 15, 2023, marks the 75th anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba, which translates into ‘catastrophe’. This day is commemorated by Palestinians across the world, marking 75 years since Palestine was occupied and turned into a Jewish-majority state, leading to the forced expulsion of two-thirds of the Palestinian population from their homeland.

The Nakba resulted from a systematic campaign of ethnic cleansing carried out by Zionist armed gangs. Prior to this, Palestine was a diverse community, housing people of various religions and faiths.

However, between 1947-1949, there was a near-total destruction of the Palestinian community by Zionist paramilitaries, resulting in the destruction of around 530 villages and cities and the takeover of 78 percent of historic Palestine.

In addition to the loss of land and property, the Palestinians experienced a significant loss of life, with over 15,000 Palestinians killed in a series of mass atrocities, including over 70 massacres.

The Nakba led to the displacement of over 750,000 Palestinians from their homeland, which has been passed down through generations, leaving many Palestinian families still living as refugees today.

This year’s 75th anniversary of the Nakba highlights the ongoing Palestinian struggle for recognition and justice.


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