The Global Smart Energy Federation (GSEF) approved Jordan as a training center on smart grids, research and development, and appointed Secretary-General of the Arab Renewable Energy Commission (AREC), Mohammad Nawaf Ta’ani, as GSEF’s honorary ambassador for the Middle East, North Africa and Arab countries.

According to an AREC statement issued Saturday, Ta’ani, who was granted all powers, was picked to represent GSEF’s in all international, regional and Arab forums, alongside four world personalities as ambassadors of honor.

Jordan represents a strategic and distinguished link in terms of geographical location, and a middle center for electrical inter-connectivity for all Arab countries with Europe and the remaining world, especially smart grids, green hydrogen and sustainability to achieve the new global map for electricity based on artificial intelligence, smart grids and cities, as well as electric-powered vehicles.

The GSEF, which is a global non-profit organization registered in Washington, represents multiple national smart grids and think world think-tanks working in energy transition and clean transportation areas.