The Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation on Tuesday said it will extend the Jordan Response Plan for the Syrian Crisis for 2023 while keeping the previous plan’s priorities

The ministry added that it will coordinate with other ministries, government institutions, donors, and international organizations on a new methodology to prepare the response plan for 2024-2026

Answering a question by (Petra) about financial requirements for the 2024-2026 period, the ministry said they would be announced once it is fully set. The plan’s requirements for 2022 amounted to $760 million, or 33.4 percent, of its total financing scheme of $2.28 billion

According to the ministry’s data, the plan’s deficit in financing stood at $1.5 billion, or 66.6 percent, of its annual budget

The amount secured during 2022 was distributed for service projects in host communities ($87.8 million), the state’s treasury ($21.8 million), infrastructure and institutional capacity building ($100.6 million), support for Syrian refugees ($545.3 million), and to combat Covid-19 ($4.7 million)

Germany was the largest financer of the response plan with $251 million, followed by the United States with $188 million, multilateral funds with $86 million, and the European Union with $29 million