Jordan concludes participation in Qatar’s climate change, human rights conference

Husam26 فبراير 2023آخر تحديث :
Jordan concludes participation in Qatar’s climate change, human rights conference

The International Conference on Climate Change and Human Rights, organized by Qatar’s National Human Rights Committee (NHRC), concluded in Doha on Saturday

The conference, held in cooperation with the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, the UN Development Program (UNDP), the Arab League, and the Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions (GANHRI), aimed at emphasizing the importance of rights-based climate action, and developing recommendations for strengthening cooperation to support climate action around the globe, particularly in the Middle East and North Africa region

Reem Abu Dalbouh of Jordan’s National Centre for Human Rights (NCHR) said that the conference came to promote effective measures and policies and to accelerate the pace of dealing with climatic conditions from a human rights perspective

She stressed the importance of global solidarity to tackle the climate crisis, and a worldwide dialogue to develop proactive solutions to climate change and human rights

Chair of the United Nations Subcommittee on Prevention of Torture, Susan Jabbour, said that the conference was held at a very good time, the time when the Arab region suffers from many problems related to climate change that affects vulnerable groups, noting that the recommendations of the conference are a means and a tool for countries and institutions concerned with climate change

Yasser Al Farhan, the founder of the Mizan Human Rights Organization, called on the specialists to control the technology and its objectives because the main goal of it is to secure human lives and achieve well-being, not to destroy the health infrastructure and affect the lives of the living societies, nor to affect the right to life

Chairman of India’s National Human Rights Commission, Arun Kumar Mishra, stressed the need to focus efforts on many issues related to climate change to avoid worse effects, and the necessity of creating a balance between the environment and the economy


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